My Sabbatical

This journey of mine has its ups and downs. The healing process is not easy. I recently suffered a fairly major emotional breakdown, which preceded the ending of a much hoped for relationship with someone I once concidered my best friend and soul mate. Life is certainly full of disappointments. But I can't say I … Continue reading My Sabbatical


Love is not an emotion

I know it doesn't make sense. I know for myself that I have, on more than one occasion, confessed to having "feelings" for someone. Love is certainly something one feels, and quite intensely, but that doesn't mean it's an emotion. Not, at least, as Karla McKlaren describes it in her book The Language of Emotions. … Continue reading Love is not an emotion


My father was eleven years older than my mother. His own parents were both dead by the time he was three or four. He doesn’t remember them, and I’ve always felt that hole where loving grandparents should have been. The couple who adopted him, who I knew as my Nana and Grandpa, were not kind … Continue reading Initiations